Michael Jordan: Bulls teammates used to drink beer at halftime

Michael Jordan loves telling on his former teammates.

Of course, there was the cocaine story.

“The Last Dance,” ESPN’s documentary on the 1997-98 Bulls, also showed Scottie Pippen objecting to being filmed drinking beer in the training room after a game. Ron Harper and Jordan – drinking with Pippen – expressed no such qualms.

Jordan, whom Chicago drafted in 1984:

Ten years ago, you’d see half the brothers drinking a case. At halftime! When I first joined the team, they was drinking beer at half and smoking cigarettes. And you know what? See, they were getting the cigarettes from the coaches.

Remember when Ron Artest (now Metta World Peace) admitted to drinking at halftimes while playing for the Bulls (1999-2002)? That was a big scandal.

The 80s were a different time.