What Banks Pay Attention to Before Issuing the Credit

Bankers before issuing the loan become very skeptic. They critically evaluate each applicant profile and demand to present as many documents as possible. The reason for it is that too many people want to get a loan. Only a few manage to pay a loan back in time. The bankers take into consideration several facts […]

What Personal Credit Lines are More Beneficial: Long-term or short-term Ones

Banks issue the credit to satisfy personal needs of the borrower. In order to benefit from the operation, the banks charge an interest rate. An interest rate is the price the borrower pay for the loan. Interest rate differs from one bank to another. It is crucially important to know what interest rate your bank […]

How Good It Is To Use Personal Credit For Financing Your Start-up Business

Start-ups are increasingly popular today. However, many business ideas never get realized because of lack of financing. The banks do not really tolerate credit lines for startups. There are many reasons for that. After financial crisis banks understood the people can’t give solid guarantee for the borrowing. The customers around the world simply lose purchasing […]

How To Avoid Having Too Big Debt On Your Credit Card

When people take loans, they sometimes forget that there is an obligation to pay the loan back. The borrowing can be very advantageous only if the borrower pays it back by parts. If debts grows and there is still big remaining debt at the end of credit period, it becomes very bad for the person. […]

Can A Student Get Personal Credit?

Students can certainly get a credit card. They are the same borrowers as any other adults. However, they rarely have income. Therefore loans issued for adolescents are relatively small. Almost every person at college or university can get a credit card. In order to do so, he has to provide passport and student’s ticket details […]

Welcome to SSM!

SSM was established in 1989. We are a business-to-business calling center working with companies nationwide. Our facilities feature… LAN Based Calling Center Technology Web Enabled Telesales Workstations High Speed Auto Dialers Electronic Scripting & Advanced Contact Management with Goldmine software Two Way Silent Monitoring For Quality Control &Training Purposes SSM telemarketing programs operate on a […]